Hatch Regional/Multistate Projects

In Georgia, as in all other states, a portion of our Hatch funds is designated as Regional Research Funds (RRF) or Multi-State Research Funds (MRF) and can be used only for formal regional research undertakings.

Regional research supported by the Hatch Act is a joint effort for the region directed toward the solution of definite problems of important concern to agriculture. Two characteristics distinguish it from other types of research:

  • The research focuses on a specific and important problem of concern to two or more states.
  • The research is planned and conducted as a concerted team effort in which the participating scientists are mutually responsible for accomplishing undertakings.

Participation in a regional research project does not imply or assure that the participant will receive additional new funds for the regional research undertaking. In almost all instances, RRF that are placed in the appropriate department for support of regional projects replace regular Hatch or State funds, so that total fund support for the departmental research program remains the same. The regional research undertaking is, in effect, a substitution for other research work, or is complementary to ongoing projects.


Joining a Multi-state Project

The procedure for joining a regional research project is outlined below.

  1.  Get approval from your department head to join the regional project.

  2. Petition the project’s technical committee via the Administrative Advisor for approval to participate.

  3. Submit a project outline using the CAES Hatch project submission form.  (This is an outline of the work you will being doing in Georgia, as it relates to the overall project.)  You can use this template to develop your project outline before submitting it.

  4. Fill out the Appendix E form and submit it to the Office of the Associate Dean for Research at agresch@uga.edu.  This will get you formally added as a project participant in NIMSS.

Please note, you are required to acknowledge USDA support in publications related to your regional research project with a statement like the one below:
"This work is supported by XXX [project accession no. XXXXXXX] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture."
For more information on USDA acknowledgement, click here.


Starting a new Multi-state Project

There is a formal process for initiating a new multi-state project.  More information can be found on the SAAESD website.  If, after reviewing this information, you are interested in starting a new multi-state project, please consult the Associate Dean for Research’s office at agresch@uga.edu.


Reporting on a Multi-state Project

It is important to understand your reporting responsibilities when participating in a regional research project.  Your reporting responsibilities will be two-fold.  First, you will be reporting progress to the regional research project team/project head.  This information gets compiled by the project team and submitted in an annual report.  The annual reports and other information about the project are housed in NIMSS.

However, you are also required to formally report progress on your work to the college for our accountability and reporting requirements to NIFA.  Remember you are reporting progress on only the work being done in Georgia.  Submit your progress report using the Hatch project progress reporting form (coming soon).  Look for emails from the Accountability & Reporting Office around October, reminding you to submit your progress report before the December 31 deadline.

Forms & Links

Hatch Project Outline Template (Word)

Hatch Project Submission Form (online form)

Hatch Project Progress Reporting Form (coming soon)

Hatch Project Classifications Reference (pdf)

Need help with HATCH Projects?

Email nifahelp@uga.edu.

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