Report Deadline:

2021 activities must be reported in Elements by Friday, January 21, 2022.

UGA Elements is a web-based system that enables the university to collect, search and report on the research, scholarship, creative works, and professional activities of faculty, postdocs and graduate/professional students.  Faculty housed in a District Departments will continue to use GaCounts and will not be required to UGA Elements.

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UGA Elements

Serving as an Administrative Liaison for UGA Elements, Dr. Laura Perry Johnson represents the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Sunshine Jordan is our college’s support person and can provide guidance to CAES personnel for this project.


Sunshine Jordan Accountability & Reporting Coordinator
CAES Business Office - Athens


  • How should I start my annual reporting?
    It is recommended that you run your current year's Elements Activity Summary (EAS) before you begin entering data.  You may find a collaborator has entered an activity and tagged you, or there was something you entered last year in preparation for the upcoming year.  This will help you avoid duplicate entries and find things that need to be modified for the current year.  Instructions for pulling an EAS are here.
  • How do I correct data that I am unable to edit in Elements?
    Vist the correcting data help page for instruction on the different types of data correction.

  • How do I mark something as peer reviewed in Elements?
    Instructions for adding a peer reviewed label can be found here.

  • How do I record YouTube videos or blogs?
    section:  Scholarly & Creative Works > type: Internet Publication

  • How do I record PowerPoints, research guides, evaluation tools, etc?
    section:  Scholarly & Creative Works > type: Instructional Material

  • How do I record a numbered Extension Bulletin?
    section:  Scholarly & Creative Works > type: Report > report type: Extension Bulletin

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