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  • NO is not the first answer
  • CAN'T is not the final answer
  • We’re not satisfied with "it is what it is"

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Current Travel Guidance

As we begin our return to campus and hopefully more normal operations, the university is now requiring travel approval for all travel, to include in-state locations.  You submit your request to your supervisor through the regular travel system; you can also request blanket travel approval for recurring type travel.  Blanket travel approvals are good for the Fiscal Year, between July 1 and June 30.  An in-state approval is not required if the traveler moves within the same county as their work home base or within a county which borders their work home base.  For blanket travel approvals, please fill out the following template and paste it into the “Notes” section of your Travel Authority request:

As the XYZ Position in the Department Name, I am required to complete essential travel during FY2021 for the following required tasks:

1. Insert list of approved essential travel tasks here.
2. Task 2
3. Task 3...

These tasks are deemed essential because: insert reason for essential travel and consequences for not traveling here.

These tasks require me to travel primarily to Insert Location(s) here which are already known, but travel could include other locations within the state of Georgia as new or existing client needs dictate.  As those new locations are determined, they will be documented by insert here how those are documented and will be available if contact tracing is necessary.

If these essential travel circumstances as documented in this TA change, I will work with my supervisor on my essential travel requirements and issue a new FY2021 blanket authorization.

Interim Director of Finance & Administration and Director of Fiscal Affairs