Hatch Projects

The foundation of the Agricultural Experiment Stations’ research program is the approved research project. This provides the primary justification for expenditure of federal and state appropriated funds and provides the formal linkage between the State Agricultural Experiment Stations and the USDA.

The Accountability and Reporting office in CAES Business Services is responsible for processing all Hatch Research Projects and assists faculty of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in preparation and submission of research project proposals through appropriate channels to USDA. Read more about developing and reporting against a Hatch project.

Every person with a faculty appointment with the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) must be a part of one or more approved research projects. This includes faculty from CAES and FACS.  

AES Appointment Type of Hatch Project Participation
 25% or less may serve as a co-investigator on a research project, a principal investigator on a research project, or a participant on a multistate research project
more than 25% must be a principal investigator on a research project(s) or a participant on a multistate research project

Within six months after an initial faculty appointment to the Agricultural Experiment Station, but no later than nine months following the appointment date, one or more thoroughly developed and peer reviewed research projects must be submitted to the Accountability Office.

Research projects prepared by personnel of the AES must meet the following requirements:

  • The scientist must have a proven record of research in the area of interest, prior to submission of the project.
  • The project must be designed to provide information in an area where the Experiment Stations need expertise.
  • The proposed project must have preliminary approval of the appropriate Department Head and Associate Dean for Research.
  • The proposed written project will be subject to peer reviews within the Department or College as per the AES guidelines.

In Georgia, as in all other states, a portion of our Hatch funds is designated as Regional Research Funds (RRF) or Multistate Research Funds (MRF) and can be used only for formal multistate/regional research undertakings.  For more information, visit our Hatch Regional/MultiState Projects page.


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