Policy and Procedure Guidelines

University Human Resources announced on September 25, 2008, that the University Cabinet approved a flextime policy for classified employees.

The entire flextime policy is located on the UGA Finance and Administration Policies & Procedures Web site: Flexible Work Arrangements

The policy is clear that the application of flextime will be at the direction and discretion of management and will be based on the business needs and interests of the units and the University. Within the context of what is most appropriate to meet operational needs, employees may have expanded opportunities to work schedules which also fit their individual preferences. It is important to note that employees can initiate a discussion with their supervisors about the flextime policy applicability to their positions; however, as stated in the policy, an alternative work schedule is not an entitlement.

The following guidelines have been adopted for implementing the Flextime policy in CAES:

  • The University’s “Flextime” policy replaces the CAES guideline entitled “Telecommuting and Flexible Working Hours.”
  • The immediate supervisor of a unit will determine how the work of the unit will be accomplished. If s/he determines that the work of the unit can best be accomplished by modifying normal work hours, s/he will discuss the modifications with the employee(s) who could be affected. The supervisor will notify and obtain approval for alternative schedules from a department head or district director prior to implementation.
  • If the alternative work schedule involves utilizing a (non-temporary) compressed or expanded workweek schedule, the supervisor must complete the HR form “Flextime Request for Classified Staff” and send the completed form to the department head or district director for approval.
  • The department head or district director will send approved forms to Lee Motsinger, CAES HR Director, for final disposition.  Questions regarding this policy and procedure should be directed to Lee at 706/542-8575 or lmosting@uga.edu.