Faculty Associated with CAES Secondary Organizations

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) has a number of secondary organizations that serve a variety of programmatic roles to facilitate bringing together expertise, providing visibility, and advancing the mission of the CAES. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in these enterprises if warranted to meet their programmatic goals. While Academic Affairs Policy No. 7 addresses tenure and non-tenure track members of the faculty participating in university recognized centers and institutes, the suitability for either tenure- or non-tenure track faculty members participating in specific CAES secondary organizations may not be evident at the time of appointment. In addition, progress in programs of the faculty may warrant changing the secondary organizations with which they are affiliated.

Academic Affairs Policy Statement No. 7 states that “Tenure-track faculty who participate in center/institutes will be appointed to departments or schools in accordance with normal appointment procedures” and the “tenure and promotion processes will be initiated through the relevant department or school.” Academic Affairs Policy Statement No. 7 also states that “Non-tenure track faculty with time budgeted in a center/institute as well as in other units will have their promotions and merit raises managed in a manner determined at the time of appointment.” Additional information regarding the interaction of administrators of centers and institutes in regards to appointment and promotion of faculty members is outlined in Academic Affairs Policy Statement No. 7.

In addition to adhering to university policy regarding both tenure-track and non-tenure track members of the faculty involved in centers and institutes, it is to the benefit of the CAES to have a policy that 1) applies uniformly to all faculty members (both tenure track and non-tenure track) involved in centers and institutes and 2) applies to all members of the faculty participating in other CAES secondary organizations.

Therefore, all faculty members, except those home-based in county operations and support units, who are engaged in CAES secondary organizations shall have an appointment in the appropriate department(s) or school(s). This will assure that each member of the faculty has an appropriate academic home, and also the flexibility to participate in CAES secondary organizations that benefit their professional development and the mission of the CAES.