Vehicle Purchasing Policy


The purpose of these guidelines is to establish clear responsibility and detailed guidance for the purchase of a vehicle in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. These guidelines address the purchase of a vehicle using state funds, UGA or Arch Foundation funds, and 4-H Foundation Funds.  Nothing in these guidelines should be construed to conflict with applicable state law or The University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy.

Purchasing Vehicles

Referring to UGA’s Vehicle Policy log into UGAMART and click on Vehicle Request Form.  This form also has a link How to Buy a Vehicle Guide which has Sample Vehicle Justification Letters that will need to be approved by Department Head before submitting to Ag Business Office for Dean’s approval.  The approved copy will be returned to the department to upload to the Vehicle Request Form.


State Funding/Restricted Funding

A vehicle can be acquired from the state contract by submitting a purchase request to the University’s Procurement Department and receiving approval from BOR, OFM, and OPB.  List the base vehicle and price on the purchase request then list individual line items for any options that are justifiable.  If help is needed with information on the base vehicle and price, contact Brent Canup, University’s Fleet Manager at 706-542-6477 or .

A letter of justification must accompany all purchase orders.  The first paragraph of the justification letter must contain the UGA # of the trade in vehicle, the serial number (VIN) of the trade in and mileage.  If the mileage of the trade in is less than 135,000 miles then a cost of maintenance for the past year or cost of current repairs needed must be included along with the black book value.  If you do not have a trade in, the first paragraph must contain the reason you would like to expand the fleet.

The second paragraph of the letter must include a justification of each option listed as a line item (i.e.:  trailer hitch – must haul equipment on trailers).

Routing of Request

The route of approval with purchase requests for vehicles is as follows:  The originator, Department Head, CAES Business Office/Dean, UGA Fleet Manager, appropriate Vice President, Contract and Grants (if a restricted account), Travel and Encumbrances, Procurement Department, Board of Regents, DOAS Fleet Management, and the Governors of Office of Planning and Budget (OPB), back to DOAS, back to BOR, and then back to UGA Procurement Department.  Procurement initiates a purchase order which is sent to DOAS Fleet Management for their approval stamp.  After being stamped, the order is sent to the vendor.   If initiating an electronic purchase request, please remember to put a “Y” in the vehicle section of the additional forms and approvals so the purchase request will flow to the appropriate parties for review and approval.

University of Georgia or Arch Foundation Funding

Per Arch and UGA Foundation Policy and Procedures – VIII.G.2:

“For purchases of items projected to cost in excess of $15,000 the University unit should use the University of Georgia Procurement Office to bid the item(s). The purchase will be made through the University using an UGA/Arch restricted account with the reimbursement being made from the appropriate Foundation account.”

Follow the same procedures for state funding to order the vehicle.

4-H Foundation Funding

Standard prior approval from BOR, DOAS Fleet Management and OPB is required when purchasing a vehicle using funds from the 4-H Foundation.  The route of approval for the justification letter and Purchase Order is as follows:  The Originator, Department Head, CAES Business Office/Dean or Director, UGA Fleet Manager, appropriate Vice President, Board of Regents, DOAS Fleet Management, OPB, to Property Control, and then to the Vendor.  Note in the justification the type of funding being used to purchase the vehicle.

Once approval is received, it is recommended that you use a state approved vendor when purchasing a vehicle to be donated to the University.  The vehicle needs to be white and the options should be basic.  When ordering the vehicle to be donated to the University, request the vendor to have the vehicle titled in the University’s name.  However, the quote or invoice should be made payable to the 4-H Foundation.  Submit a check request with the original invoice or quote to Greg Price, 111 Conner Hall.

The Department will need to complete a “Transmittal Form for Tax Deductible Gifts/Grants” – from private sources
and forward form and copy of the bill of sale to Property Control.