Accountability and Use of Cellular Phones and Pagers

Cellular phones and pagers provide an efficient and effective means of communicating enabling the accomplishment of daily activities in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. However, personnel must be aware that cellular phones and pagers are costly and their procurement and use must be clearly justified. Before requesting a cellular phone or pager, the user must ascertain that the use of such service will save money or at least not cost additional funds in carrying out ones assigned duties and responsibilities.

Request to Obtain a Cellular Phone

Evaluation and justification to obtain a cellular phone must be provided in complying with the UGA Wireless Communication Policy.  While the University does not require formal approval for the purchase and use of pagers, it is important that administration at all levels review requests carefully before approving expenditures for these purposes.

Selection of Cellular Phone Service

When choosing a cellular phone service, the user should consider the type of usage that will be most effective and select the package that best meets those needs. Each individual user is encouraged to review annually cellular phone packages to ascertain that the best buy is still being utilized.

Personal Use of Cellular Phones

Since local cellular phone service is based on a per minute rate and there is no provision to charge a toll free call to a personal credit card, personal calls should not be made on cellular phones for which billings are sent directly to the University by the telephone carrier.