Electronic Communications Policy

All written or electronic communications from University faculty and staff should reflect the University of Georgia visual brand and email signatures in University emails must comply with the University’s visual identity guidelines. Email signatures should not include messages, taglines or images of a personal nature. Please take a moment to check your email signature for professionalism, accuracy and branding.

UGA has provided a simple email signature builder to simplify the process:

Email Signature Builder


Tips for professional email signatures:

  • If you choose to utilize a logo, it is a best and recommended practice to utilize the University of Georgia logo and not insert the college logo. This identifies our college centrally with the university brand.
  • When you copy your signature into the signature setup window in Outlook, you may need to PROPORTIONATELY scale the logo down a little bit.
  • Outlook allows you to choose a different signature option for reply emails. Remove logos from this signature to eliminate unnecessary attachments from your reply emails.
  • CAES does not have a tagline at this time; do not add one to your email signature.
  • UGA’s social media icons may be hyperlinked with official college, department, program or office accounts instead of the central university accounts that automatically populate. See Microsoft Support for more information.


Need help?
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.
Additional resources relating to UGA email: