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On July 2, 2018 the UGA Financial Management System went live. To assist with the transition, please check out our  Help and Training page for resources.

OneUSG Connect will go live on December 16, 2018. Additional resources in preparation for the changes to UGA's HR and Payroll systems can be found at the links below:

UGAJobs Suspension Key Dates 2018

Oct 1:

  • Faculty Postings Submission Deadline, if start date is before Jan 31
  • Faculty Hiring Proposals Submission Deadline, if start date is Nov 1 - Jan 31
  • Position Evaluations (Staff) Deadline

Nov 1:

  • Staff Posting Submission Deadline
  • Faculty Posting Submission Deadline, if start date is February 1 or later
  • Staff Hiring Proposals Deadline if start date is before December 16
  • Position Modification (Faculty and Staff) Deadline

Nov 13:

  • Final day to download any job applications submitted to open postings

Nov 14:

  • UGAJobs suspension period begins

Dec 16:

  • UGAJobs available
  • Faculty Hiring Proposals with February start dates should be submitted

For more information, please visit the Employment Administration website.

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