Federal Planned Programs & Teams

Georgia Extension and research work are grouped into eight main categories. These categories are the Planned Programs that we report to USDA NIFA. View team-specific information.

For more detailed descriptions of the Critical Issues, view this guide.


Critical Issues in Plan of Work

Extension Themes
(Smith-Lever Programs)

Research Themes
(Hatch Projects)

Animal Production

Georgia Beef Challenge, Master Cattleman's Program, Profitability of Dairy Farming, Swine Intake Regulation, IPM and Evaluation of New Forages and Feeds

Advances in Animal Sciences, IPM, Genetics and Genomics, Wildlife, Apiary, and Poultry

Food Safety & Quality

Consumer Demand for Food, Food Industry Needs, and Food Processing Industry

Advances in Food Science and Safety

Health & Wellness

Healthy Lifestyles, Weight Control, Physical Activity, Diabetes Management and Prevention, Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention, and Cancer Prevention

Biomedical, Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing, Hazards to Human Health and Safety

Community, Home, and Life Skills

Community Development, Economics, Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, Waste Management, Energy Management, Homebuyer Education, Consumer Economics, Financial Literacy, and Emergency Preparedness

Family Resource Management, Sociological and Technological Change

Plant Production

Plant Growth and Crop Production; Plant Diseases, Weeds and Pests; Developing New Breeding Tools; Soil Quality; Irrigation; Plant Pathology;  Genetics; Entomology; IPM, Harvest And Post-harvest Handling; and Breeding Programs

Advances in Plant Sciences, Precision Agriculture, IPM, Genetics and Genomics

Sustainability, Conservation and the Environment

Natural Resource Management, Minimum Tillage and Cover Crops; Value Added Products or Production Practices that Improve Sustainability and Profitability; Investigation of Niche Markets; Financial Accounting and Reporting Strategies

Economics, Policy, Agribusiness, Sustainability and Ecosystem Health, Climate Change, Environmental Resource Management, Society’s Role in Ag and Environmental Sciences, and Biological Engineering

Urban Agriculture

Water Conservation Technology; Turf Disease Identification and Management; IPM; Development of New Cost Estimating and Job Bidding Software for Landscape Installation; and Master Gardener Programs.

Controlled Environment Production, Turfgrass, and IPM

Youth & Family Development

Parenting; Relationships; Child and Elderly Care; 4-H and Youth Programming

Positive Youth Development, and Human Development