Excellence in Extension Reporting

Each year, Georgia’s Cooperative Extension submits a report to the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP).


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The Importance of Defining Excellence

Cooperative Extension is required to be accountable for the resources invested in the organization, and the managers of those resources are striving to continually improve the effectiveness of the entire organization. Key questions include:

  • What constitutes excellence in an Extension organization?
  • What are the criteria of excellence?
  • How are these criteria measured?
  • How do these criteria make Extension unique?

Cooperative Extension has advanced from merely reporting inputs and outputs to documenting outcomes and impacts of its programs. However, most of these measures are tied to specific programs. They are not generally assessed or considered at the organizational level.

Identifying criteria of overall excellence in Cooperative Extension is a valuable exercise for the Extension system as well as for individual institutions. This may be the first time that an effort to identify criteria of what constitutes excellence has been attempted at a national level. These criteria will enable the system to describe its strengths and differentiate itself from other agencies and organizations.