Contracts & Grants Office

The CAES Contracts and Grants Office manages preparation, review, submission and processing of proposals and awards for instruction, research and extension. The CAES Contracts and Grants Office is managed by Ryan Ann Fugett.

Central Email:  |  Fax: 706-583-0301


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Staff Directory

Ryan Ann Fugett, Director CAES C&G, DLSA
Phone: 706-542-0831
Specialties: Management of CAES Contracts & Grants office to include proposals and awards for instruction, research, and extension; supervision of CAES Contracts & Grants personnel

Robert Cooper, Associate Director CAES C&G, PreAward
Phone: 706-542-2950

Mel Wood, Assistant Director CAES C&G, Post Award
Phone: 706-542-0824

Michelle Baker, Grants Coordinator III, DLSA
Phone: 706-542-0829
Review and submission of proposals, process award pending, process MOAs

Lakesha Clark, Senior Accountant
Phone: 706-542-0823
Specialties: Gift checks, account addition/change forms, administrative action request forms (C&G section), RSA reports, account ending notifications, residual balance forms, electronic budget amendments (gift checks, residual, royalty, internal), Grants (REEport)

Alan Crow, Grants Manager CAES C&G
Phone: 706-542-2950

Amanda Long, Grants Cooridinator CAES C&G
Phone: 706-542-9001